Our Team

Jeni Allton, MS

Join me in improving your relationship or life. I work with couples and individuals across the world, bringing over a decade of experience providing treatment for couples, individuals, and families.

Nat Roth, MA, MFTC

Come alongside me in co-creating a healing journey for yourself and your partner. I have advanced training in IFS, EFT, trauma-informed psychotherapy, and somatic practices to help you move toward your goals in couples or individual therapy. 

Ann Duval, MA, LPCC

I’m looking forward to working with you. I specialize in couples therapy using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to help you and your partner break out of painful patterns and feel closer. I am also trained in EMDR for healing from trauma.

Dr. Tasha Seiter, MS, PhD, LMFT

I believe relationships are the most important thing in this life. I love my work as a couples and individual therapist, helping you have a better relationship with your partner, or with yourself. I am devoted to the methods that really work to help you have a better relationship and fulfilling life.

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