Worldwide Coaching Services (Individual, Relationship, and Premarital Coaching)

Coaching services are different than therapy services, in that coaching can be offered worldwide rather than just in Colorado and focuses less on deeper emotional processing and more on goals and solutions. I offer relationship communication coaching, sexuality coaching, and premarital coaching online across the world. In these sessions, I do not act as a therapist but as a guide to give you the tools and skills you need to have a more fulfilling relationship and lead a happier life.

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Relationship Coaching

In relationship communication coaching, I take empirically validated forms of couples therapy (including Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and Sex Therapy) and boil them down to concrete tools and solutions to help you learn to communicate in effective and healthy ways. You will learn tools to communicate in ways that bring you closer rather than further apart. Relationship Coaching can help you:

  • Learn to communicate in ways that research tells us increases happiness in relationships
  • Develop tools to sustain emotional intimacy and closeness
  • Express yourself in a way that helps you get your needs met, and gain an understanding of how to respond to your partner’s needs in more effective ways
  • Work through the effects of stressors on the relationship (e.g., life transitions, work or family stress)
  • Work through sexual problems to enhance your sexual intimacy

With your new tools, you and your partner can grow in your love for years to come as your relationship gets better and better over time as you become an expert in empirically-validated communication techniqes.

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Premarital Coaching

Coming soon- ask to join my waitlist for premarital coaching services!


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Individual Coaching

Coaching can help you learn how to meet your goals and develop quick solutions to your problems. While therapy involves deeper work that often looks further into origins of problems, coaching is all about coming up with quick ways to make change in your life. Coaching can help individuals reach a wide variety of goals, including:

  • Learning effective communication tools to use in your relationships
  • Developing skills for better managing stress
  • Examing what is holding you back from reaching your goals, setting goals, and learning tools for how to reach them

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