Healthline: What to Do If Your Partner Won’t Consider Couples Therapy

Here is an excerpt from Simone Marie of Healthline’s article discussing the difficult topic. Tasha is featured in the article.

Much like preventive care, couples therapy can do a lot of good

For example, one studyTrusted Source found that couples therapy positively impacted 70 percent of participating couples.

study mentioned by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy found that 90 percent of clients reported an improvement in their emotional health and over 75 percent reported an improvement in their relationship.

“As a therapist, I have seen couples come in presenting with very serious relationship distress — intense fighting, on the edge of divorce — and leave my office months later with a secure, satisfying bond,” says Natasha Seiter, a marriage and family therapist in Colorado.

However, it’s true that not all couples will leave therapy still in a relationship.

“Couples therapy can work in two ways: to help the couple experiencing challenges work through their problems and leave stronger,” says Teplin, “or [it] can support them in recognizing that their lives are better apart and can support them through uncoupling.”

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