Forbes: Experts Give 4 Pieces Of Advice To Navigate Your Love Life In 2023

This is an excerpt from Mark Travers’ Forbes article recapping research findings from 2023. I am featured describing my recent research. You can read the full article by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

The world of dating and romance is changing rapidly and it only makes sense to change with it.

For instance, who could have predicted that we would be relying less on chance and more on AI algorithms to find our special someone? Or that we would have to vet our partner thoroughly for ‘red flags’ and ‘toxicity’ before locking them down?

To stay current, it’s important to listen to the experts. Here are four research-backed pieces of relationship and partnering advice to keep in mind when partnering in 2023.

Mindfulness can unlock your relationship’s potential

We often limit the potential of mindfulness to our meditation practices or mental well-being. However, according to research, a mindful approach can enhance our romantic life.

Therapist Tasha Seiter explains that being in an interpersonally and sexually mindful relationship with your partner can create a positive ‘giving’ feedback loop in your relationship. Her research describes five elements of a mindful relationship:

  1. Presence
  2. Emotional awareness
  3. Non-reactivity in conflict
  4. Compassion for your partner
  5. Compassion for yourself

Developing these qualities within yourself and your relationship takes effort, time, and trust. Here are a few ways you can increase the level of mindfulness in your relationship:

  1. Tune in. Spending time with your partner should not be a passive exercise. Being present requires you to lean in, get curious, and be completely open and vulnerable with them as well.
  2. Develop emotional awareness with your partner. Trying to sit with and understand your partner’s feelings is generally better than trying to resolve them or move past them. Not giving your emotional states the attention they deserve can lead to issues in the future.
  3. Cultivate acceptance and compassion in your relationship. Even the best relationships go through rough patches. Developing a foundation of compassion and understanding can ensure that no matter what happens, your partner will know that you are on the same team.
  4. Look at sex as more than just a physical experience. Learn to be present and curious in the bedroom. Explore each other’s vulnerabilities, desires, and fantasies. View emotional intimacy as the goal of sex instead of orgasm

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