Mic: Will the Pandemic End Small Talk Forever? Experts Weigh In.

Written by Tracey Anne Duncan of Mic, I comment here as a relationship expert.

“COVID-19 has changed the way that we communicate forever,” says Tasha Seiter, a Colorado-based psychotherapist who specializes in helping people with their relationship communication skills. “Just going through this experience, we are more aware of how vulnerable our ‘normal’ is. We can’t go back to taking each other for granted again after such a profound shift in the way we think about things and the way we treat each other.” Seiter predicts that this pandemic will leave many of us more emotionally open and understanding of hardship for years to come.

The way we think about the future plays a major role in how we communicate today. “You might notice when you go through a transition or reach the end of something — a graduation, a move — you find your thinking changes to re-evaluate your life and what really matters to you,” Seiter says. When big life issues are at the forefront of our minds, that tends to be what our conversations center around. And it seldom happens that we all face something huge like this at the same time. “Today, thoughts about the future are ever-present, for everyone. The onset of Covid-19 was the end of normality; it’s shifting everyone’s perspective about the future and thus getting us to think about what is important in our lives in a huge way,” she adds.

Read the full article by visiting Mic:

Mic: Will the Pandemic End Small Talk Forever? Experts Weigh In.

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