Silk and Sonder: How To Set Goals — And Actually Stick To Them

Below is an excerpt from my thoughts in this article, published in Silk and Sonder

Therapist Tasha Seiter suggests writing down each domain of your life for which you would like to set personal goals. She uses the following domains with her clients: 

  1. Romantic relationship (or marriage) 
  2. Family relationships 
  3. Friendships/ social life 
  4. Professional life 
  5. Mental Health 
  6. Physical Health 
  7. Intellectual 
  8. Spiritual life 

Identify the value that you hold most dearly in each domain. What do you think is most important in these areas of your life? For example, you might cherish meaningful contribution in your professional life, adventure with your friends, and compassion in your spiritual life, Seiter explains.

To read the full article, visit:

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