Best Life Online: This Is the One Word You Should Never Say When Apologizing

I am featured as an expert in this article, published in Best Life Online. Included here is a short excerpt of the article.

“The word ‘but’ is not an apology—it is self-protection disguised as an apology,” says Tasha Seiter, MS, AMFT, who owns her own marriage and family therapy practice in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Seiter says the problem with the word “but” is that once it’s uttered mid-apology, it is the only word the listener will focus on. Even if you are sincere in saying sorry, the person you’re apologizing to “will immediately get defensive when they hear this word,” she says… According to Seiter, “word choice is so important in an apology because we have a physiological response to certain words.” And if you’re curious as to what other words may weaken your apologies, read on.

To read the full article, click the link below:

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